DedSet acquires AfterMath eSports

Mon 7th Aug 2017 - 10:30am Gaming

With the theme of 2017 being 'expansion', today we would like to announce that we have officially branched out into the Rainbow Six Siege scene! We have managed to secure a very highly regarded and competitive team that has recently qualified for the ESL ANZ Pro League! We can't wait to see how this will positively effect us an organisation and to see how far the team can go!

The roster for ESL ANZ Pro League & the CyberGamer ladder is: 

• Xequtor [c]
• Shak (c)
• Derpeh
• sicaRio
• Sneaky

Here's what Co-Captain Shak had to say about joining DedSet;

Originally posted by Shak:
After a highly successfull Pro League qualifiers, we are very excited to be joining DedSet as we believe that this will have a positive effect for both us as a team and for the organisation itself. With our spot in the ESL ANZ Pro League secured, we are very keen to see what the future holds and to see how far we can go under the DedSet brand.


Founder & Co-Owner gr1ves had this to say;

Originally posted by gr1ves:
With the acquistion of AfterMath eSports as our organisation's new flagship team, I am very excited to see what new opportunites this can create for us. Being a relatively small organisation for most of our history, I feel that this is definitely another big step in the right direction to achieve our overall vision. On behalf of DedSet, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the R6S team and am excited to be working closely with them.


The team will officially be debuting as DedSet in their CyberGamer ladder game against SurgeESC at 8.30pm on the 9th of August.

If you want to keep up-to-date with us on Social Media, you can find us on Twitter and Facebook.




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