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Sat 9th Sep 2017 - 9:00am Gaming

Although he has already played official scrims with the core and it is now public knowledge, we'd like to officially announce that shnkz will be joining dS.H1Z1 in a core role. With Buucky stepping down from core, there was a spot that needed to be filled and we are very excited to see what shnkz can bring to the team.

With saying that, we are very saddened to see Buucky stepping down from an active role in the team as he has been here since the start and was a main factor in where the team is today. We thank you for your time Buucky and look forward to the future content you bring to the organisation.

Here's what the team captain, Veravoota, had to say;

Originally posted by Veravoota:
Recently our H1 team has been through a fair bit of turmoil, with our roster constantly changing & not knowing if we would ever have a stable team. We had a few core players drop out of the team, leaving us with only just enough to keep our spot within the division 1 scrims. Our main core after picking up the dynamic duo; Robin & Braith was; Veravoota, Cozzaa, Robin, Braith, Bucky & Fiend as the sub. Bucky had to leave the team as a core player & IGL due to other commitments & the state of the game, which was a big blow to the team's confidence.
Looking for another player we knew we wanted someone with a lot of potential & great aim, which is where shnkz has stepped in. Recently picking up shnkz has been a huge step forward for our team with his insane aim, damage output & overall positive attitude. He has proved to have one of the best shots in the Australian H1 scene & continues to prove he deserves a spot in our team. Looking forward, DedSet now has an extremely promising core & definitely has the potential to rise up as one of the strongest teams in AU.


The roster for the upcoming AUS H1Z1 Scrims seasons is:

• Veravoota [c]
• Cozzaa
• Robin
• Braith
• shnkz
• Fiend [sub]

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