Farewell dS.CSGO

Mon 30th Oct 2017 - 7:30am Gaming

It was over 6 months ago when the former team captain of Nameless, burk, came to us asking if we were looking for a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. We were a bit hesitant due to the results of the team we had the previous season but we decided to give it a shot & although there have been some ups & downs, we as an organisation do not regret making that decision.

At 6 months of service, the most recent iteration of dS.CSGO is our longest standing team that we have had representing us & we are very sad to see them disband. Their constant stability until the last month has greatly helped us to finally expand the organisation & start taking things to the next level. Without them at our side, we don't think we could be where we are today & for that, we are truely thankful.

Here's what former team captain, burk, had to say;

Originally posted by burk:
Well it has been around six months now since I first grouped a great bunch of talented individuals to join me in creating ‘Nameless’, with hopes in achieving goals we all set for the future ahead. Unfortunately over the last month or so we found roster instability and time constraints which rendered our CS team skill ceiling greatly. We have tried to repair these issues over the past month though the way that it was going it just seemed that fixing the problem wasn’t a viable option anymore.
To shed some context, we have around four players in the core with different time zones (something that was originally manageable). Though when daylight savings hit it affected us badly and to add, we had another player working a new job conflicting with our practice schedule. Obviously there was some team conflicts due to this, some players played more than others (putting in the time), while others just rocked up on the day. I wish the boys luck in their future, whether they continue playing CS or not.
Anyways that’s that. Lastly I would like to thank DedSet for picking us at the very start. They have been nothing but the best! Honestly the amount of support that we got was amazing and the added benefits were amazing. Jason (gr1ves) and his team do a fantastic job in trying to make this organisation the next big thing in Oceania and I believe in time it will be. Only wish the best from here on, and to any higher teams out there (CGi+) this is a great opportunity so get on it!


Further on from that, we need to give a special mention to burk himself & also NeverForget. Both of these players have been involved in the organisation since the very first iteration of dS.CSGO which started in October 2016, more than a year ago. As some of the longest standing members of DedSet, they, along with the rest of their previous team, will always be welcome here & we hope to work with them in the future.

Once again, thank you to the team formerly known as 'Nameless' for making DedSet their home for the past 6 months. We wish them all the best in the future & hope they continue to try & achieve the Esport dream!

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