The Return of dS.H1Z1

Wed 1st Nov 2017 - 9:30am Gaming

So we were very saddened when we were advised that the previous iteration of dS.H1Z1 had come to an end & that the team had decided to disband. Entering the ANZ H1Z1 community was a very positive move for the organisation in our opinion and not having a team represent us in the scene anymore was quite a blow.

Moving on, we would like to officially announce that we have re-entered the ANZ H1Z1 scene by acquiring the ex-Victrix Esports squad who consists of three players from the previous dS.H1Z1 team as well as three new faces to the organisation. The team has been dominating in Division 2, securing 1st place for the month of October & which would have rightfully earnt them a promotion into Division 1 but with the recent announcement of Outback League, we are very excited to see how the team fairs against the best ANZ has to offer.

The new and improved dS.H1Z1 roster consists of:

• Veravoota
• Robin
• Braith
• indie
• ZyLo

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