DedSet acquires Team Tahoot

Sat 31st Mar 2018 - 9:00am Gaming

After a long hiatus, it feels good to be back amongst the ANZ Rainbow Six Scene, with our acquisition of the Pro League team formerly known as Team Tahoot.

When the next season of the APAC Pro League was announced, we decided that we wanted to be a part of the growing Rainbow Six ANZ scene again & we followed the qualifiers very closely. Emerging from this was Team Tahoot who's efforts saw them finish 2nd place in the Pro League qualifiers, securing their spot in the upcoming season. In the first week of the ANZ Pro League, Team Tahoot took a comfortable 2-0 against SYF Gaming giving them a great start to the season & catching our attention. We are really excited to see what they can do in the next season of the ANZ Pro League!

Losing two of our teams in January was a big blow to us & when we came back, we wanted to make sure that we came back with a strong team acquisition leading the way. We think that Team Tahoot fits that description perfectly.

The new & improved dS.R6S roster consists of:

• Unitdoggy (c)
• Sheaffey
• Fishoguy
• Flossy

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